Wide Field of View Night Vision System

Vision Products’ Wide field of view Night Vision System (WNVS) incorporates three high performance night vision sensors, optimally angled to provide a seamless 84° (H) x 33° (V) field of regard with an effective total resolution in excess of 3000 x 1200 pixels. To properly present the total image, two Vision Products 53° x 33° prism eyepieces are arranged with partially overlapping fields of view of 20° in the central region. Each eyepiece incorporates a 1920 x 1200 pixel OLED microdisplay, taking full advantage of the high resolution combined sensor images.

The accompanying Vision Processor corrects for optical and angular distortion before smoothly blending the three sensor sub-images into discrete and synchronized left and right eye images for presentation. Potentially distracting artifacts that could occur in the overlap region are avoided by feathering the edges of the left and right images.

The eyepiece mount is fully adjustable for IPD, vertical and fore/aft (eye relief). A convenient, single handed action is all that is required to stow the eyepiece assembly by swinging it upward out of view.

Parameter Value
Diagonal Field of View 90°
Horizontal Field of View 84°
Vertical Field of View 33°
Binocular Overlap 20°
Display Resolution >3000 x 1200 pixels
Night Vision Capability Intevac ISIETM11 EBAPS Sensors (x3)
See-Through Yes
Adjustments IPD, Vertical, Fore/Aft
Eyepiece Stowability Flip up, single-handed operation