Vision Products’ expertise includes digital data gloves, increasing visibility of AR displays in high ambient environments, stereo imagery for HMDs and smear reduction. Our team has completed multiple SBIR programs for the USAF in the design of symbology for HMDs. We initially designed symbols to test for vergence mismatch in the F-35 JSF. We then designed stereo symbology for wide field of view head mounted displays and investigated the impact of stereo symbology on pilot performance. We have also completed research on the effects of color coded imagery and symbology when used with an augmented reality displays in bright, outdoor environments. The results inform how we color-code text and symbols in order to maximize readability for pilots.

Our Digital Data Gloves provide direct interaction with an immersive environment, allowing the operator to ‘touch’ the data, while still providing an ability to use other devices. Vision Products has developed these with gesture recognition, tactile feedback on each finger, and a situational awareness ring of haptics on the back of the hand. We develop our human-machine interfaces to be an intuitive method for data manipulation via physical interaction, providing the most efficient, streamlined method for 3D visual environments.
Vision Products has a Federalwide Assurance (FWA) for performing human subject research, and staff are CITI certified for human subject research. We have a flight simulator lab consisting of high resolution monitors for out-the-window views, X-Plane flight simulator software, collective/cyclic controls, head tracking, the ability to drive out- the-window scenes as well as a high resolution HMD, and a control station to run experiments.

Digital Data Gloves

Please contact us for details on our human-machine interfaces, and to discuss a solution for your application.