High Resolution Head Mounted Display

The SA-36 is the world’s highest resolution head mounted display (HMD). Its innovative design minimizes peripheral obscuration, allowing users to easily see their immediate natural environment. The SA-36 benefits a range of commercial industries and applications, such as architectural planning, entertainment, chemical engineering, virtual prototyping, simulation and education, and academic research.

In addition, the SA-36’s high resolution, stereoscopic imagery and potential for head tracking makes it a natural display for maximizing telepresence when guiding unmanned vehicles. The SA-36 provides users a 30 degree horizontal field of view, better than 20/20 Snellen resolution, and uses a revolutionary WUXGA color OLED display to produce a pixel resolution of just 0.94 minutes per pixel.

Parameter Value
Diagonal Field of View 36°
Horizontal Field of View 30°
Vertical Field of View 19°
Exit Pupil 12 mm
Eye Relief 25 mm
Display Resolution 1920 x 1200
Independent Adjustment Interpupillary Distance Fore/Aft Vertical
IPD Adjustment Range 55 – 85 mm
Video Input Dual Channel DVI/HDMI
Weight (binocular only) 294 g